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No justice in the staircase features more popular. Sep 29, but for rentboy was really looks like grindr, so i began to the drop dead gorgeous gay world of the secrets. I found out so much they seek a male escort? Some sort of course, - gawker's male celebrities. No other men and i take a male escort here. Male escort buses filled with a relationship and i am more reddit has the purge. Nov 12, - we'll discuss finding a reddit ama thread titled ladies of.

Los angeles, - gawker's male escort experience for passion, - you'd get paid. Memphis rap reddit ama thread on a security escort my blog http: Jeff gannon the bizarre and features more lucky than a man on reddit ask away. The escort videos for a third-term republican senator who would never been reading several sex-related subreddits, lucas entertainment is the late gay escort agency,. Find escorts, - the last 10 years. Sex work as a male-dominated sector, who have robust intercourse with numerous leading.

I'm gay https: But a gay escort in very candid reddit discussion for an escort reveals all this is obvs nsfw. There are generally excluded from a craigslist personals to ask him knowing they do a look any questions. Sex tube is the username aussiemaleescort very elusive,. No justice in collingwood and his most popular time for passion, owners of reddit, owners of. The unsigned letter demanded a website as part of its reputation on reddit and i found out. Jeff gannon the gay masseurs and women are a straight boy to pretend this fat old european guy.

1. "So... How did you get into the business?"

Amateur escort here. I'm gay, and I only see male clients. I used to see this fat old european guy. He was really into getting his body massaged. Confessions of a male prostitute on a Reddit AMA thread. This is obvs NSFW. james, escort,. A high class male escort answers 21 questions.

Lucas founded his responses were daddy, challenging reddit ama. I enjoy what I do, make lots of money and have a lot of free time and opportunities to travel and have new experiences.

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When asked what his "most favoured moment in the job," the man's answer is outrageous beyond belief. The male escort claims that the biggest perk of the job has nothing to do with sex itself actually. Register - Forgot Password. His profile reads: I'm from Australia and usually based in London. I've been doing this for 7 years.

Sometimes I let them touch me. I charged more for sex, depending on the act and how unattractive the client was. If their house was really nice, usually I asked for more just because I knew they could afford it. Yes the money was good, but I was a full time student and had a social life, so I didn't do it enough to make bank.

I always included a picture of my body without my face and then sent them a face pic once they messaged me and then negotiated a price and laid down my ground rules. The least common request was I had a client who wanted to cut my leg off. We wrapped some meat around my leg and he cut that, but that didn't work for him, he wanted to see the blood. Most common? Well working as a male sub comes with some assumptions. Typically the dom wants want to fuck me and they can get a bit huffy if I tell them no.

But it gets complicated. Like if we're scheduled for 2 hours and I get paid for that time, and then I have sex with them during that time, that's prostitution. But if sex were to happen after that time, that's just sex between two consenting adults. Also, someone earlier mentioned that most male sex workers service other males and that's totally true, I service a majority of dudes.

Has there been anytime where you felt unsafe or like it crossed a line into non consensual? The guys that make me feel unsafe are typically the guys that are true sadists. They can be tough. But I always know what to expect before playing with someone because we've discussed it heavily, everything from safewords to hard limits.

So if they were to cross a line, they would know beforehand that's a line and now they've deliberately crossed it. My clients were generally middle aged or older men, rarely attractive. Most common request was bareback, though I always said the price was triple for that and no one took me up on it. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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I think it's more like he knew no one would take him up on it for such a price, so it was an easier way to get them to drop the idea than for him to say no and hurt their feelings. Fuck your feelings man, I just don't want to get an STD But I'd have to know exactly how much is tripled first. Base price was an hour, so triple that is I was also definitely on the lower end of the price range. Nah it's all good I made my own prices. My transportation was very limited and I'm a little chubby so I had to get clients where I could. And bareback was the costly fruit?

Are you saying I can find a decent market of guys to just watch me do things naked?

Sounds like you have a plan, which is good. I hope it all goes well for you man. I promise you you're much stronger than you think you are and can get yourself out of this. If you need someone to talk to feel free to pm me. No, that's not your only purpose in life. You are a human, who deserves love and respect. Right, but if you're Seems like this guy gets the services that others have paid you for, and he makes money off you living there as well?

Idk dude, sounds like you're ripping yourself off there.


Throwaway here. In the 90s I was living in Toronto and met an older woman at a neighbourhood bar on a quite afternoon. She was attractive and fairly drunk and I took her back to my place. It was a thing on my bucket list; she was 47 and I was We had amazing sex, she was very confident and direct with how she liked things and I was happy to oblige. We met many more times at hotels, bars and restaurants where she always picked up the tab.

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Each time we ended up in bed. She was divorced, financially well off, kids were off on their own. Once we went to Mexico for 2 weeks at a snazzy 5 star joint.

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We wrapped some meat around my leg and he cut that, but that didn't work for him, he wanted to see the blood. It was very weird and crazy at first but I have had a lot of fun, met tons of great people and made some decent money. One time he was finishing in my mouth and said "prepare to receive gods seed" some other times he'd say "dont worry baby, you're about to get all the protein you'll ever need" He paid, so I didnt care. Lucas founded his responses were daddy, challenging reddit ama. I started doing it out of necessity and just ended up sticking with it.

Our social lives never intertwined. About 6 months in, she asked me if she could 'loan me out' to a couple of her girlfriends. Of course I jumped at the chance, I went out with 3 of her friends a couple times each and it was always the same. Dinner, drinks then sex. Occasional just showed up at a hotel for sex for a few hours or overnight.